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Corporate restructuring

Not only competence and experience in dealing with restructuring measures and financial figures, but also the personal and human development of company management and employees are often indispensable success factors and require serious attention in order to avoid "renovating to death".



  • Konflikte zwischen Gruppen der Unternehmensmitglieder

  • Fehlendes Leitbild / fehlende Strategie


  • objektive/sachbezogene Mediation

  • Ausarbeitung eines individuellen Unternehmensleitbildes, Strategieentwicklung

Geschlossen Schild

A crisis can have many causes.


Correctly interpreting the first warning signs is a demanding entrepreneurial task.


Here it is important to act instead of react.


But in the course of this, we also examine together with our partners, in an interdisciplinary exchange, a possible insolvency readiness and solvency opinion of your company, if necessary, to enable a restructuring in the insolvency, in self-administration and / or in an insolvency plan procedure.



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